New version of poker

If you are gambler then there is no chances that you wouldn’t have gambled without knowing the game called poker and being a gambler poker is the most traditional that you will always play no matter how many games come into existence. Many gamblers and players who are into gambling are so sure that the art of gamble can be learned only to the traditional games and most of them name poker.

Why Poker?

Poker is one of the traditional games like blackjack, bingo, dice games, big wheel six and roulette. Must we can see that most commonly played traditional games is poker it can be played even in house for fun but many gamblers say that the art of gambling can be learnt through playing poker and some common people who gamble once in a while poker is the first game that comes in mind when questioned name some traditional gambling games. This says it all poker also makes it clear that gambling can make anyone rich and more in matter of seconds but to win it requires your luck and the art of prediction to stand side by side.

poker domino qq

Poker in Indonesia:

Most parts of the world gambling is illegal and casinos are banned one among them is Indonesia, but gambling is done through the means of online websites and some illegal gambling centers are said to be there. The fact that is to be noted is that the gamble game played mostly is poker and in Indonesia there were different new games introduced into the gambling market through the means of the websites.

Poker also had its new version named poker domino qq, it wasn’t much different from the traditional poker but they used domino dices instead of cards and this made most Indonesian to gamble as domino dices were one of their traditional game. Domino dice are tiles that had two faces on one side with divided by a slit and had dotted numbering from one to six. The rules were the same just the winner was decided based on the combination of numbers than the combination of cards in the traditional poker.