Toys are not only for children

People have started to realize the importance of spending time with their loved ones. This is because, many people are unaware of the fact that quality time spent together with family creates a more positive feel than negative. It helps in reducing the family problems and creates a bond among one another. One such positive bond is through sex in case of couples. Many people do not know that having sex frequently will help in reducing body pain and makes the partners feel energetic. Sex is a sexual intercourse that happens between males and females be it humans or animals. It starts with the sexual reproduction which involves the combination and mixing of genetic traits from the parents. The male sperm and the female ovum fuse to form the zygote.

Health importance of sex

Having sex frequently helps in increasing blood flow throughout the body. It is a form of exercise which is pleasurable. People having sex once or twice a week are said to less likely suffer from heart ailments and low blood pressure issues than those who have sex once in a month or less than that. It is important to have sex frequently to build a perfect immune system. Sex increases the levels of immunoglobulin in the body which helps in fighting the microorganisms at the entry points itself than activating the body’s personal immune system. Sexual activity is also said to release pain inducing hormones and they can help reduce leg and leg pain along with pain caused due to menstrual cramps, arthritis and headaches. Studies say that sexual activity can partially or completely cure headaches due to migraine and cluster- headache patients.


Sex or any sexual activity which is done to oneself is called masturbation. In includes, rubbing the genital areas and fingering in females and rubbing the male penis in males. Sex toys are also used in masturbation today. There are Sex Toys for Couples as well. They have lubricants, vibrators for genital parts to vibrate the senses and even pills to induce pleasure. This makes them have easy sex with less pain.  As a pair, enjoying sex with sex toys for couples gives a better sexual feel than having sex without using them.